A monthly training membership and support community for parents
of fearful, reactive, or aggressive dogs.
Have your own team of dog trainers on-call when you need them,
and expert resources at your fingertips.



Do you have a dog who is afraid of the outside world? Growls at visitors?  Makes a scene on walks?

Are you feeling isolated because of your dog’s problem behavior?

Have you tried DIY training and feel stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed? 

Then the Reactive Dog Academy is for you.

Get a step-by-step guide to changing your dog’s behavior, at your own pace, and have trainers available to answer your questions as they come up.


I think I learned more from this online course than any other live training courses that I have taken! You learn a step-by-step method to modify your dog’s behavior! 

Zoe's Mom




  • Weekly live events: Q&A sessions, training workshops, guest speakers, and more

  • Our Behavior Change Roadmap, walking you through the steps of changing problem behavior;
  • A Resource Library with training videos, live session recordings, infographics, checklists, and worksheets;
  • An online community for sharing stories, successes,frustrations, and asking for help and feedback;
  • Personalized feedback on up to 4 monthly/1 weekly training video submissions;;
  • Discounted and priority access to private training consults
  • A members-only Facebook group
Annual membership: $370/year

I was hesitant to try online dog training, but I was very satisfied with this course. The material was stimulating. It provided a systematic approach to look at my dog’s (and my own) behavior. I feel that it pushed our training forward. Kelly and her team offered great additional support as well. - Joey’s Mom

Kelly Lee


Kelly has been training dogs and their people professionally for 10 years. She holds a B.S. in Zoology and a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and is completing a masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is an honors graduate of The Academy for Dog Trainers where she earned her Certificate there in Training and Counseling (CTC). She loves working together with people and their dogs to find solutions that they are both happy with. 

When she’s not training or pursuing continuing education, Kelly enjoys hiking with her dogs, mountain biking, skiing, and curling up to watch TV with her husband.

Lauren Chen


Lauren attended The Academy for Dog Trainers, where she earned a Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC).

Prior to dog training, she worked as a software engineer while volunteering on the weekend at a local animal shelter and fostering dogs. She continues to work with shelter dogs as a volunteer and especially enjoys working with newly adopted dogs.

She lives in the Portland, Oregon area with her husband and three adopted dogs: Bane Buttercup, Bodhi and Baloo. 

Rachele Wurr


Rachele has been training professionally with Dogkind since 2019. She is  a UC Davis graduate with a BS in Animal Science and a minor in Communications. She was a lead Animal Behavior intern with the  Yolo County SPCA for 3 years and gained extensive experience with fearful and reactive dog behavior in that role. 

In her free time, Rachele likes to teach her dog Coco new tricks, bake, or perform in musical theatre productions. Her favorite training to do is cute tricks like “spin” or “high five,” which her dog has mastered. But she especially loves to train fearful dogs because it is so exciting when a dog makes progress towards leading a happier, fear-free life."

Rachelle Gagnon


Rachelle has been training professionally with Dogkind since 2019. She is also known as dog mom to the internet famous Billie! Rachelle graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Animal Biology, with an emphasis in domestic animal behavior, as well as a minor in Professional Writing.

She fell in love with dog training after serving as a lead Animal Behavior intern at the local animal shelter and then at the Yolo County SPCA. On top of being an excellent trainer and teacher, Rachelle is Dogkind’s social media expert. When not working, she can be found cuddling with Billie watching nature shows, or hunting for more houseplants to add to her apartment turn jungle.

Jack Kuklinski


Jack is Dogkind’s newest trainer, joining the team in 2020.  Jack graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science from UC Davis in 2020, with a specialization in companion and captive animals.

Jack was a lead Animal Behavior intern with the Yolo County SPCA for two and a half years, and has a special interest in helping fearful dogs.

He is especially enthusiastic about those afraid of new people, like his own pup Gracie.

When he’s not working with dogs, he enjoys listening to music and creative writing.

I enjoy being a part of the Reactive Dog Academy. Not only do you get individualized attention/advice from a great dog trainer(s), but I love how there are weekly lives to address the "right now" issues of their members. I feel like the Q&A answers are so in-depth and helpful. For me, as a person, I love learning about the science and why things are done a certain way. The enrichment workshop last weekend was such a treat as I was hoping for demos and workshops. I look forward to what’s coming in the near future.

Frida’s Dad

This membership and the reactive dog course has been such a savior! I enjoyed taking the reactive leash walking course and learned some great tools to help us on our walks. We did a really fun enrichment class that my dogs absolutely loved. I have two nervous/reactive rescues pups and their confidence has increased so much. The FB community is a great group of people that are so helpful and ready to answer questions. I have really learned a good deal from the Saturday Q & As. I look forward to them every week. I truly appreciate a positive place to go, with people who have similar experiences.

Brie's Mom

Q: Can online training really work for reactive, fearful, or aggressive dogs? 

A: Yes! In fact, online training is often preferable for dogs who don’t do well around strangers or in a group class setting. We’ve been training remotely for several years, and exclusively online for a year now, with excellent results. 


Q: Will I be able to talk to a trainer when I have a question? 

A: Yes! Our training team monitors the communities and email daily. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions ‘in person’ during our live Q&A sessions via Zoom.


Q: Do I need to be really technology savvy to participate? 

A: No.  If you can navigate a website and use Zoom, you can participate in the membership.  If you’d like to share videos with us for review, you can simply take video on your phone and upload it to Facebook, Youtube, or a Dropbox link we’ll provide.  If you get stuck, our Client Care team is on call to help. 

This and the reactive dog course has been the most beneficial thing I've done as I've worked with Tucker over the last two years. He's made more progress with your instruction in a couple of months than he did with a year and half of private training. And, I feel so much more positive about taking him out and understanding what to do.

Tucker’s Mom

Have you given up on walking your reactive dog?

It's not too late to enjoy walks again.