Options For Dogs Afraid To Enter The Vet Clinic

fearful dogs Jul 31, 2023

Is your dog scared of going into the clinic? Sometimes there are other options available, if you know what to ask your veterinarian. 

Ideally, you'll be working on slowly teaching your dog to enter the clinic on their own. But in the meantime, what can you do to make vet visits less stressful? Here are 4 variations on the usual vet visit that have benefitted my dogs, and my clients' dogs: 


Fear of the clinic option #1: Ask about mobile vet services

Some veterinarians will come to your home to examine your dog, and do simple procedures like vaccinations. Ask your vet if they offer this service, and if they don't, search online and ask other pet guardians if they know of a mobile vet in your area. 


Fear of the clinic option #2: Work with the vet outside

If the weather isn't prohibitive, many vets are able to examine your dog outside of the clinic, usually near the parking lot. If your dog seems much more comfortable on the grounds of the clinic rather than inside the building, ask your vet if this is an option for you. 


Fear of the clinic option #3: Veterinary exam in the car

If your dog is comfortable in the car, this can be another good option. My own dogs have had basic procedures done in the back of my car, including vaccinations and blood draws. Again, ask your vet if this is something they'd consider. 


Fear of the clinic option #4: Sedate & wait (in the car)

Another approach my veterinarian has taken with my dogs that I've appreciated, is giving a sedative injection to my dog while they're still in the car. Then, I wait with my dog in the car until the sedative has taken effect. At that point, the dog can be carried into the clinic without panicking. 


  If you found these tips helpful, or if your vet has found other ways to accommodate your fearful pup, we'd love to hear from you! You can comment below this blog, shoot us an email ([email protected]), or message us on Facebook or Instagram.