Helpful Resources for Your Fearful or Reactive Dog

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Caring for Your Fearful Dog

You want your fearful, traumatized, or feral dog to live the best life possible. Learn how to avoid common mistakes so you can start to build your dog's confidence, with this free pdf.

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Tips for Interacting with Fearful Dogs

Is your dog afraid of people? Get these free printable pdf instructions on interacting with fearful dogs.  Hand out to friends and family who struggle to follow instructions! 

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The Zen Zone for Fearful Dogs

Create a Zen Zone for your fearful dog and enjoy visitors to your home with less stress and worry. This pdf guide contains clickable links to video demos of various Zen Zone set ups. 

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Read Our Blog

The Dogkind Blog is full of  articles and videos to help you navigate training and everyday life with a fearful or reactive dog. Get help with common training obstacles and learn something new! 

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Facebook Group for Fearful Dogs

Join our Community for Fearful and Reactive Dogs. We offer a positive space to connect with other dog guardians. Share your story and hear what others are finding helpful.

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Chat with us!

Wondering what kind of training support would be the best fit for you and your dog? Request a free 15 minute chat with us. Tell us about your dog, and we'll help you navigate your training options.  

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All About Dog Dental Products

Your dog might hate having their mouth handled. But dental disease can affect your dog's physical AND behavioral health. Learn which chews, diets, and water additives are worth buying. 

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Preparing to Walk Your Reactive Dog

When your dog barks, lunges or growls at people, animals, or inanimate objects on a walk, it’s stressful and embarrassing. In this guide, you’ll learn tips for setting yourself up for success. 

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Hiking With Your Fearful or Reactive Dog

You don’t have to give up one of your favorite activities just because your dog is fearful or reactive. For many dogs, there are strategies to keep your both happy and safe in the great outdoors.

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We offer a free private Facebook support group for owners of fearful dogs to connect and share their stories.

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