Help for your fearful dog or puppy

Is your dog afraid of people, new places, or sounds? Does your dog hide, or growl and bark at visitors, or even family members? Refuse to leave the house for walks, or maybe you can't get a leash on them? We’ll guide you through a personalized training plan to change your fearful dog’s behavior and improve their quality of life. 

 One-on-One Training (online)

We develop a personalized training plan for you and your dog, then guide you throughout the training process.

  • Initial consult & assessment (1.5 hours): $425. Conducted over two Zoom sessions. You'll receive an¬†assessment of your dog's behavior issues, changes you can make right away to decrease problem behavior, and¬†recommendations for moving forward.¬†
  • Private¬†training via monthly subscription (available after the initial consult):¬†$975 per month.¬†We help you reach your goals via weekly Zoom meetings,¬†email support, and shared spreadsheets and videos.

Private training not in your budget? Check out our affordable training membership and community, Confidence Builders Club. 

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Online Training Membership: Confidence Builders Club


If private training isn’t in your budget, or you’ve already done some one-on-one training and are looking for help continuing to develop your fearful dog's skills and confidence, our monthly training membership could be the right solution for you. 




We offer a free private Facebook support group for owners of fearful dogs to connect and share their stories.

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