Scent Work involves simple, confidence-building sniffing and searching games for fearful and reactive dogs.

Any dog can enjoy Scent Work, from puppies to seniors. Our online classes are designed specifically for fearful or reactive pups. Class exercises provide positive experiences with new objects and environments, and develop behaviors that can be transferred to other, problem contexts.

Beginning Scent Work (online) - $87

  • Scent Work is a fun and enriching activity that you and your fearful or reactive dog can enjoy together, at home. It’s an excellent way to tire out your dog when you can’t walk due to behavior issues or weather.

  • In this first class your dog will learn basic searching games that you can play with minimal set-up and equipment.

  • This course includes three self-paced video lessons, example recordings of live classes, and weekly live Q&A sessions. You’ll receive access to a private student Facebook group.

Scent Work 2 (online)

  • This class is available to graduates of Beginner Scent Work only.

  • You’ll learn more advanced searching techniques, and increase the variety and challenge of searches for your dog.

  • This course includes three 45-minute live online classes, with videos and written training instructions to refer to between classes if you’d like to practice on your own.

Contact the instructor: [email protected] for more information.

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