Alternatives to walking your fearful or reactive dog

fearful dogs reactive dogs Oct 18, 2020
Dog With Bubbles

There are many reasons you might decide not to walk your dog. Maybe the weather or air quality is bad. Maybe your dog is fearful and hates walks. Or… maybe YOU hate walks, because your dog’s behavior stresses you out! These are all perfectly valid reasons to skip the walk, and try out some at-home alternatives to walking your dog.


One more time, for the people in the back. You know who you are- you’re the person putting your dog’s needs ahead of your own, and suffering for it.  It is perfectly ok to opt for alternatives to walking your dog if you dread walks.  Even if you think your dog loves walking. Even if your friends or family look at you askance. “What do you mean you don’t walk your dog?”   I know you love your dog dearly.  But put on your own oxygen mask, before attempting to assist others. 

 This week we have a video showing many alternatives to walking your dog, in action.  Look how much fun these pups are having!  For a quick summary of alternatives to walks, check out the graphic in last week’s blog. 

What is your dog’s favorite non-walk activity?  We’d love to hear more about it in our free Fearful and Reactive Dog Support Community on Facebook. If you're looking for more guidance with your fearful dog, check out our monthly training membership.