Should you ask your vet about behavior medication for your dog?

fearful dogs reactive dogs Mar 23, 2021
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Have you asked your vet about behavior medication for your fearful, aggressive, or reactive dog? If not, why not? 

Or have you tried one, two, or more medications and given up, deciding that meds won’t help your dog? 

I send most of our clients to their vet, or veterinarian behaviorist, to discuss behavior medication for their dogs.  Two of my three dogs have had their lives transformed for the better by behavior medications. 

Members in our free Facebook support group are sometimes reluctant to talk with their vets about medication. Sometimes they say instead, “Maybe I’ll try CBD.”  This is important: CBD is a medication without safety testing or quality control in place.  There is nothing inherently better or safer about CBD from a pet store, over medication prescribed by a veterinarian.

If you’ve already tried behavior medication and didn’t feel that they helped your dog, or if you’ve been on the fence about asking your vet about meds, this week’s video is for you.  

In this short video, I share the medication journey of our dog Pancake.  Pancake came to us terrified of people, afraid of being touched or even looked at.  (Find previous installments in the Chronicles of Pancake in our blog!)  Behavior medications have been a huge help to him.  But it has taken time, and trial and error in consultation with his vets, to get where he is today.

 If you’ve been hesitant to talk with your vet about behavior medication, or if you have a success story to share, we’d love to hear from you! Join our Facebook group and post your questions or comments there, or comment below. Reach out to us by email at [email protected]If you're looking for more guidance with your fearful dog, check out our monthly training membership.