Making crate training easier with strategic crate placement

fearful dogs Aug 07, 2023

Is your dog's crate training stalled? Sometimes finding ways to make the crate more appealing can be a huge help to get your training moving again. 

Previously I've talked about ways to make the crate itself more appealing- but what about where you put the crate?  Here are a couple of aspects of crate placement to consider when you're struggling with crate training: 


Crate placement: How secluded?

Many sensitive dogs prefer a have a place to go away from the hustle and bustle of daily household activities. For these dogs, a crate that's in an out-of-the-way location, like a spare bedroom or a closet, might be an attractive option.

On the other hand, if your dog likes to be close to you or other family members much of the time, placing their crate right next to your desk or the sofa where you watch TV or read in the evenings might be preferred. 

Some dogs prefer something in-between. They seem to like to be able to see busier areas of the house, but from a distance. These dogs might like a crate placed in a room just off of busier spaces like the kitchen. 


Crate placement: How high?

I've noticed that some dogs much more readily go into a crate if it's raised up off of the floor- for example, on a sofa or a bed. Sometimes this seems to be related to having a good light of sight to their people. When my dog Pancake started preferring to be near me rather than hiding all the time, I found he was much happier to rest in his crate if it was up closer to my eye level when I was sitting at my desk.  If you think your dog might prefer a raised crate, give it a try during your next training session!



 If crates just aren't your dog's thing, check out our earlier blog on. alternatives to crates.

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