Does your dog need hiding places?

fearful dogs Oct 03, 2023

Many fearful dogs benefit from having places to retreat to and hide in the house.  Is your dog one of them? Look for these 4 signs that your dog would love a cozy hiding spot: 


Sign #1 your dog needs hiding spots: Your dog tries to hide!

If your dog regularly gets under (or tries to get under) furniture, puts themselves in other small spaces, or burrows under blankets, they might enjoy having hiding spots in the house. 


Sign #2 your dog needs hiding spots: Your dog sometimes struggle to settle down

If your dog sometimes paces nervously, and/or can't seem to get comfortable, they might benefit from a cozy hiding spot or two. In the video below you'll see a couple of video examples of dogs who are anxious and struggling to settle.


Sign #3 your dog needs hiding spots: Your dog often keeps something at their back

Anxious dogs sometimes prefer to stay close to walls, curl up in corners, or stay pressed up against their people. If this sounds like your dog, they might be more comfortable if they had some hidey holes to retreat to.


Sign #4 your dog needs hiding spots: Your dog tries to make themselves look small

Scared dogs sometimes curl up on themselves, tucking their paws and tail under their bodies. If your dog is often curled up in a tiny ball, it could be a sign of anxiety. Providing some hiding spots for your dog might help them feel safer. 





If you have any questions about hiding spots, shoot us an email at [email protected]. We'll be happy to try to help!

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