Planning for Halloween with a fearful dog

fearful dogs Oct 24, 2023

Halloween can be a pretty scary time for fearful dogs! Here are some strategies for making Halloween a little less stressful for you and your pup:


Strategy #1: Get away for a few hours

If your neighborhood is pretty busy on Halloween, and your dog is comfortable in the car, consider taking them somewhere quieter during peak trick-or-treating hours. This could be an extended car ride, or maybe a visit to a friend's home.


Strategy #2: Hide at home

Discourage trick-or-treaters from visiting by turning off outdoor lights and closing the blinds. If you have a doorbell, cover it with something (e.g. tape some paper over it), and put a sign on your door asking people not to knock. Make sure your pup is comfortable in their safe space, with sound masking (like music or white or brown noise), and anti-anxiety medication if recommended by your vet.  Your dog might still hear trick-or-treaters outside the house, but with luck you'll avoid having people at your front door. 


Strategy #3: Meet trick-or-treaters outside

If you want to pass out candy, but avoid having people knock on your door, consider hanging out in front of your home and passing out candy there (if that's safe to do in your neighborhood.). Your pup can stay inside in their safe space.


Tip #4: Celebrate Halloween elsewhere

If there is someone in your family who can stay home with your pup, another option is to go to a friend's home to celebrate Halloween. Just make sure your dog has everything they need in their safe space to pass the evening in relative comfort. 





If you have any questions about helping your fearful dog survive Halloween or other holidays, shoot us an email at [email protected]. We'll be happy to try to help!

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