Teaching “Let’s go!” for Reactive Dogs (Part 3)

reactive dogs Jul 27, 2020
Man walking poodle on sidewalk

Welcome to Part 3 of the “Let’s go!” training series for reactive dogs.  The purpose of this training is to teach your dog to move away from distractions, including dogs, on cue.  


In Part 1, we built a “Let’s go” behavior in the house and in the backyard.  In Part 2, we added food distractions, and asked your dog to move away from the food on cue. 

This week, we teach your reactive dog to turn and move with you out on the sidewalk. This is a big step for dogs who immediately go on “high alert” the second they step out the door. If your dog can’t train on the sidewalk yet, go back to working in the backyard for a few days.  Then move indoors and train at a window or door that faces the street. 

In the accompanying video, we recommend working close to your front door. This way, if you see a dog coming, you can hustle your dog inside before she reacts. 

Next week, in the final installment of this training, we’ll show you how to start practicing your dog’s new behavior around other dogs.

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Looking for more help? Check out our online, self-paced course for reactive dogs!