Your Dental Health Questions Answered By A Small Animal Vet

Feb 27, 2024

There is so much misinformation out there about canine dental health! In honor of February being Pet Dental Health month, I collected your questions from our Facebook group and Confidence Builders Club members forum, and Dr. Rachel Szumel, creator of the Healthy Smiles toothbrushing course, and Pancake's vet, was generous enough to answer them! 

Dr. Szumel addressed questions related to dental health in the primary care veterinary care setting, and to dental care at home, including:

  • How common is it for dogs coming into the clinic for routine care to have dental disease?
  • At what age do you need to start worrying about dental disease in your dog? 
  • Are raw meaty bones good for teeth? How about coconut oil? 
  • How can I tell if my dog has dental disease?
  • What can I do if my dog is terrified of the vet, and I can't brush their teeth at home?

and more! Here's the interview:   


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