Your Questions Answered By A Veterinary Dentist

Feb 13, 2024

There is so much misinformation out there about canine dental health. In honor of February being Pet Dental Health month, I collected your questions from our Facebook group and Confidence Builders Club members forum, and Dr. Niemiec of Veterinary Dental Specialties was generous enough to answer them! 

In part 1, Dr. Niemiec addressed questions related to dental health, veterinary care, and pain, including: 

  • How often should your dog have dental x-rays?
  • What can you do for your very senior dog who has bad breath? 
  • Do worn teeth cause pain? 
  • What other health issues can dental disease cause? 

and more! Here's part 1 of the interview:   


In part 2, Dr. Niemiec addressed questions related to home care, including: 

  • What dental chews really help? 
  • If you're using dental chews or a dental diet, how often do you need to brush your dog's teeth?
  • Which chews are dangerous for your dog's teeth? 
  • Is kibble bad for teeth?

and more! Here's part 2 of the interview:   

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