Holiday Toy Review

Dec 21, 2021
holiday slide with ornament

Looking for holiday gift ideas for your dog? Or just always on the hunt for new puzzle toys, or other entertainment for your pup? This week, our Dogkind team dogs try out "new to them" toys and give us their ratings.

In the video I introduce our testers and their overall toy preferences, so you can make an educated guess about how your dog's preferences would match up with our dogs'.   


Which Toys Were The Winners? 

Our dogs tested 10 toys in total. Five of the ten tested received a 5/5 star review from at least one of our tester dogs. Here they are in no particular order:

  • iDig Go The iDig digging activity mat was my dog Jasper's favorite.  Jasper is into pretty much any toy that contains food, and he loves to dig out in the yard. This toy encourages sniffing and digging for treats in a fabric "digging pit". 
  • Holiday Tree Plush Toy: The holiday tree plush toy was Juno's favorite with its removable squeaky ornaments. Juno loves plush squeaky toys in general, so no surprise here!  We added treats inside the tree for even more fun.
  • Tug of War Toy with Suction Cup: Fearful chihuahua Bones loved the tug of war toy that was suction-cupped to the floor. Bones tends to enjoy puzzle toys that can be rolled, and the ball at the end of the tug of war toy can be filled with treats. 
  • Jolly Ball: The Jolly Ball was Coco's choice. Coco is a toy-loving pittie who loves all toys and destroys most everything she can get into her mouth. She liked tossing the Jolly Ball for herself, or having mom throw it for her.  She did managed to chew the handle off of the Jolly Ball, but the ball itself stayed intact.
  • Brick PuzzleGracie's favorite was the Outward Hound Brick puzzle by Nina Ottosson. Gracie is a small senior dog who doesn't have any teeth left- but that didn't keep her from enjoying her new toys at all!  The Brick puzzle features opening and sliding plastic pieces for a fairly difficult and engaging game.

Full product names and links to each toy can be found in our recommended products list:


I hope you enjoy this week's video on holiday enrichment and that you have a safe and happy holiday season!  

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